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Malvern Water (bottled water)

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**History of Malvern Water Bottling:**
Malvern Water has been bottled and distributed since the 16th century.
Schweppes opened a bottling plant at Holywell in Malvern Wells in 1850.
– Bottling was first introduced as Malvern Soda, later renamed Malvern Seltzer Water.
– In 1927, Schweppes acquired Pewtress Spring in Colwall and commenced bottling.
– In 2011, Holywell was awarded Most Promising New Business in Herefordshire & Worcestershire.
Schweppes began commercial bottling in 1850.

**Purity of Malvern Water:**
Malvern Water is generally devoid of minerals, bacteria, and suspended matter.
– In 1987, Malvern gained official EU status as a natural mineral water.
– In 2006, the rock filtering the water dried out, affecting its purity.
Coca-Cola had to install filtration equipment due to impurities.
– The water was reclassified as spring water under EU law.
Coca-Cola Schweppes recalled carbonated Malvern Water in 1998 due to benzene traces.

**Royal Endorsements of Malvern Water:**
– Queen Elizabeth I drank Malvern Water in public in the 16th century.
– Queen Victoria refused to travel without it.
– Queen Elizabeth II took it with her when she traveled.
– Princess Mary Adelaide granted a royal warrant in 1895.
– King George V granted a royal warrant in 1911.

**Production and Bottling Details of Malvern Water:**
Malvern Water is sourced from the Malvern Hills in England.
– The Holywell Spring Water Co. continues to produce around 1,200 bottles a day.
Malvern Water is now exclusively bottled by Holywell Water Company Ltd.
Malvern Water was first bottled at the Holy Well in Malvern.
– The springs release an average of about 60 litres of water per minute.

**Additional References and Regulations:**
– Malvern Hills Conservators (UK Government)
Coca-Cola Stewardship Award received by Coca-Cola GB and Ireland in 2008.
Malvern Water Plant discussed by James Thomas in a Malvern Gazette article in 2021.
– Chamber Business Awards hosted by Herefordshire & Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce.
Water Regulations under the Private Water Supplies (England) Regulations 2016 enforced by Worcestershire Regulatory Services.

Malvern Water is a brand of bottled drinking water obtained from a spring in the range of Malvern Hills that marks the border between the counties of Herefordshire and Worcestershire in England. The water is a natural spring water from the hills that consist of very hard granite rock. Fissures in the rock retain rain water, which slowly permeates through, escaping at the springs. The springs release an average of about 60 litres a minute. The flow rate depends on rainfall and can vary from as little as 36 litres (8 gallons) per minute to over 350 litres (77 gallons) per minute.

Malvern Water
SourceMalvern Hills
TypeNatural spring water
All concentrations in milligrams per liter (mg/L); pH without units

Schweppes began bottling the water on a commercial scale in 1850 and it was first offered for sale at the Great Exhibition of 1851. Since the owners, Coca-Cola Enterprises, closed their Colwall plant in November 2010, Malvern Water is now exclusively bottled on a smaller scale by the family-owned Holywell Water Company Ltd under the name Holywell Malvern Spring Water who offer the water in still and sparkling (carbonated) versions.

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