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Limca Book of Records – Wikipedia

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Limca Book of Records first published in 1990 under Parle Bisleri ownership
– Started by Ramesh Chauhan, sold to The Coca-Cola Company in 1993
– Continued publication by Coca-Cola with current editor Vatsala Kaul
– Book now published with Coca-Cola India’s patronage
Limca soft drink brand is manufactured by Coca-Cola India

– 2006 edition launched in New Delhi by Atul Singh
– Special 60th Independence Day edition released in 2007
– 19th Edition launched in New Delhi in 2008
– 20th edition released by Amitabh Bachchan in 2009
– 21st edition launched in 2011, paying tribute to Indian athletes

People of the Year:
– People of the Year featured since 1992
– Panel of judges selects individuals contributing to Indian excellence
– Editorial team involved in the selection process

Other media:
– features an online Limca Book of Records archive
– Doordarshan broadcasted 19 episodes of Limca Book Of Records Ki Anokhi Duniya in 1996
– Star TV News Channel aired Limca Book of Records Wah India Show in 2008
– Film Triumph of the Spirit about Limca Book of Records aired in 2010
– Film broadcast by National Geographic group Fox History and Entertainment channel

– Archived sources provide information about the Limca Book of Records
– Various news articles and sources cover different editions and events related to the book

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