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Lemon & Paeroa

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**History and Ownership**:
Lemon & Paeroa used naturally carbonated water from a spring in Paeroa, discovered on land servicing gold mines.
– The first bottling plant could manage 500 dozen bottles per day, and Lemon & Paeroa was first advertised in 1915.
– Ownership changed multiple times, with Grey & Menzies Limited acquiring it in 1915, and it was later acquired by Schweppes in 1960.
– In 1980, production shifted from Paeroa to Auckland under Coca-Cola, and the drink has undergone various ownership changes, now manufactured by Coca-Cola.

**Branding and Packaging**:
– Two-litre bottles were introduced in 1982–1983, and the brand was redesigned in 2005 to a retro style.
– The branding was updated in 2012 and 2016, with a potential bottle plastic color change from brown to clear in 2022.
– Critics expressed concerns about changing the iconic brown bottle color.

**Varieties and Collaborations**:
– Sugar-free version introduced in 2005, with subsequent additions of dry ginger beer and sour flavors.
– Limited edition Chilli & Lime flavor launched in 2016, and collaborations with other brands for fusion foods like Whittakers chocolate and Griffins biscuits.
– Unique flavors like L&P Fruju and Pineapple lumps drink were introduced.

**Attractions and Marketing**:
– Features the 6.8-metre tall L&P bottle in Paeroa, a famous icon, and Lemon & Paeroa Café operated by L&P’s brand team.
– Various marketing campaigns, including award-winning advertisements, music videos, and iconic slogans like “World Famous in New Zealand.”
Lemon & Paeroa has been featured in popular culture, with marketing strategies to enhance visibility and collaborations with iconic Kiwi brands.

**Legal Battles, Cultural Significance, and Community Engagement**:
– Legal battle involving trademark disputes and attempts to repeal Coca-Cola Amatil’s trademark.
Lemon & Paeroa’s historical significance, including its role in shaping New Zealand’s national identity and cultural landscape.
– Business developments, community engagement, and the brand’s involvement in local events and initiatives.

Lemon & Paeroa (Wikipedia)

Lemon & Paeroa, often shortened to L&P, is a sweet, lemon-flavoured soft drink manufactured in New Zealand. The drink is considered Kiwiana, and was traditionally made by combining lemon juice with naturally carbonated mineral water from the town of Paeroa. Today, it is manufactured by multi-national Coca-Cola. The origin date of the drink is uncertain, but the brand estimates 1907.

Lemon & Paeroa (L&P)
Lemon & Paeroa on sale in Shanghai
TypeSoft drink
ManufacturerCoca-Cola Europacific Partners
Country of origin Paeroa, New Zealand
Introducedc. 1907
ColourPale, light yellow
VariantsSugar Free, Sour, Dry Ginger Beer, Chilli & Lime (limited edition)

In the township of Paeroa, the origin place of the drink, there is a 7-metre (23 ft) tall Lemon & Paeroa bottle statue. It is one of the most photographed locations in the country, and is also considered a New Zealand icon.

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