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Lava Cola

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– **Origin and Composition:**
Cola drink produced in Vanuatu by Vanuatu Beverage Ltd.
– Contains kavalactone additive, tied to the traditional importance of kava in western Pacific nations.
– Developed by Australian-born James Armitage in 2009.
– Started as a syrupy water-based kava extract.
– Blended with cola in a specific proportion.

– **Unique Characteristics:**
– Described as an anti-energy drink.
– Provides the calming effect of kava without the muddy taste.
– Lava Cola may be suitable for export due to its palatability.
– Australian media have highlighted its distinctiveness.
– Offers an alternative to the acquired taste of traditional kava.

– **Production and Market Expansion:**
– Produced in a factory near Port Vila, the capital of Vanuatu.
– Initial production for domestic market began in October 2009.
– Uses kava sourced from Maewo island.
– Increase in revenues for local kava producers due to Lava Cola.
Vanuatu Beverage aims to export to Fiji, New Caledonia, and beyond.

– **Potential Health Benefits:**
– Kava known for its calming and relaxing properties.
– Lava Cola offers a convenient way to consume kava.
– Could appeal to consumers seeking relaxation without alcohol.
– Provides an alternative to traditional sodas with potential health benefits.
– May attract interest from health-conscious consumers.

– **Future Prospects:**
– Plans to expand export markets beyond Fiji and New Caledonia.
– Potential for Lava Cola to become a global brand.
– Represents a unique fusion of traditional and modern beverage trends.
– Could contribute to the growth of Vanuatu’s beverage industry.
– Offers an innovative approach to incorporating cultural elements into a commercial product.

Lava Cola (Wikipedia)

Lava Cola (officially Lava Cola – Vanuatu Kava Cola) is a cola drink produced in Vanuatu by Vanuatu Beverage Ltd. It contains a kavalactone additive, kava consumption being traditionally important in western Pacific nations. Lava Cola has been described as an "anti-energy drink". Australian media have noted that it "produces the calming effect of kava without the muddy taste," adding that, while kava itself is an acquired taste, Lava Cola may well be suitable for export.

The cola began as a syrupy "water-based kava extract" developed by Australian-born James Armitage in 2009. He then successfully approached Vanuatu Beverage to suggest blending it with cola. The watery kava syrup is "added to cola in a proportion of 15 millilitres to a bottle of 330 ml". The drink is now produced in a factory on the outskirts of Port Vila, the country's capital. It went into production for the domestic market in October 2009. Lava Cola uses kava produced on the island of Maewo, which has generated an increase in revenues for local producers. Vanuatu Beverage hopes to export the drink first to Fiji and New Caledonia, then to a wider market.

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