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Jack Daniel’s

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**Early Life and Career of Jasper Daniel**:
– Jasper Newton Jack Daniel was born in 1846 to Lucinda and Calaway Daniel.
– Jack Daniel learned distilling from Dan Call and Nathan Nearest Green.
– Founded a distilling business in 1875 and became one of the most productive distilleries in Moore County.
– The Old No. 7 brand name originated from Daniels’ distillery registration number.
– Jack Daniels gained popularity after winning a gold medal at the 1904 St. Louis Worlds Fair.

**Ownership, Prohibition, and Legacy**:
– Lem Motlow, Jack Daniel’s nephew, took over the distillery in 1907.
– Tennessee passed a prohibition law in 1910, halting legal distillation.
– Production resumed in 1938 after Tennessee repealed its prohibition laws.
– Jack Daniel never married or had children, and the distillery was passed down to Lem Motlow’s children.
– Efforts to repeal prohibition laws allowed the distillery to reopen in 1938.

**Brand, Production, and Sales**:
– Jack Daniels Black Label Tennessee whiskey sold 12.9 million cases in 2017.
– Variations like Tennessee Honey, Tennessee Apple, and Gentleman Jack were introduced.
– The distillery was recognized as a National Historic Place in 1972.
– Total sales were over 16.1 million cases in 2017, with a 3% growth in net sales.
– Jack Daniels Black Label is the best-selling whiskey globally.

**Master Distillers, Tennessee Squires, and Labels**:
– Former Master Distillers include Nathan Nearest Green, Jess Motlow, and Jimmy Bedford.
– Tennessee Squire Association was formed in 1956 to honor friends of Jack Daniels distillery.
– Labels like Old No. 7, Gentleman Jack, and Single Barrel are popular offerings.
– Membership in the Tennessee Squires includes prominent business and entertainment professionals.
– Chris Fletcher became the 8th Master Distiller in 2020.

**Recent History, Sponsorships, and Distillery**:
– Reduction in proof of Jack Daniels products started in 1987, with all products reduced to 80 proof in 2002.
– Jack Daniels sponsored V8 Supercar teams, NASCAR, and signed a partnership deal with McLaren.
– The distillery in Lynchburg draws over a quarter-million visitors annually.
– Jack Daniels introduced liqueurs like Tennessee Honey and Tennessee Fire.
– Special releases include limited edition collaborations with McLaren’s F1 team.

Jack Daniel's (Wikipedia)

Jack Daniel's is a brand of Tennessee whiskey. It is produced in Lynchburg, Tennessee, by the Jack Daniel Distillery, which has been owned by the Brown–Forman Corporation since 1956.

Jack Daniel Distillery,
Lem Motlow, Prop., Inc.
Company typeSubsidiary of Brown–Forman
IndustryManufacturing and distillation of liquors
FoundedLynchburg, Tennessee
(1875; 149 years ago (1875))
FounderJack Daniel
Lynchburg, Tennessee
Area served
Key people
ProductsDistilled and blended liquors
Production output
16.1 million cases (38,300,000 US gal or 144,900,000 L) (2017)
Number of employees
Over 500
ParentBrown–Forman Corporation
Jack Daniel Distillery
LocationTN 55
Lynchburg, Tennessee
NRHP reference No.72001248
Added to NRHPSeptember 14, 1972

Packaged in square bottles, Jack Daniel's "Black Label" Tennessee whiskey sold 12.9 million nine-liter cases in 2017. Other brand variations, such as Tennessee Honey, Tennessee Apple, Gentleman Jack, Tennessee Fire, and ready to drink (RTD) products brought the total to more than 16.1 million equivalent adjusted cases for the entire Jack Daniel's family of brands.

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