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Tennessee whiskey

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**1. History of Tennessee Whiskey:**
– Whiskey production began with Scotch-Irish emigration.
– President Andrew Jackson served Tennessee whiskey in the White House.
– Filtering through maple charcoal was introduced by Alfred Eaton in 1825.
– Jack Daniels brand was established in 1875.
– By the end of the 19th century, there were over 700 licensed distilleries in Tennessee.

**2. Tennessee Whiskey Producers:**
– Jack Daniels Old No. 7.
– George Dickel Old No. 8.
– Benjamin Prichards, Chattanooga Whiskey Company, Collier and McKeel, Farrar Distillery, George Dickel, Jack Daniels, Nelsons Green Brier Distillery, Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey are current producers.

**3. Tennessee Whiskey Production Processes:**
– The Lincoln County Process, involving filtering through maple charcoal, is a common practice.
– This process enhances the flavor of Tennessee whiskey.
– Prichards is the only Tennessee whiskey not using the Lincoln County Process.

**4. Legal Status and Legislation:**
– Tennessee whiskey is legally defined under NAFTA.
– State laws impose strict requirements on Tennessee whiskey production.
– The Lincoln County process is required for labeling under Tennessee law.
– Legislation signed in 2013 laid down Tennessee whiskey standards.
– Few original Tennessee whiskey brands exist due to prohibition.

**5. Tennessee Whiskey Varieties and Innovations:**
– Moky Distillery produces various whiskey products marketed as Tennessee moonshine.
– George Dickel started rye whiskey production in 2012.
– Benjamin Prichards offers Tennessee Rye Whiskey, malt whiskey, bourbons, and unaged corn whiskey.
– Popcorn Suttons produced Tennessee White Whiskey in 2014.
– Tennessee Whiskey is celebrated in popular culture through songs like ‘Tennessee Whiskey’ by David Allan Coe, covered by George Jones and Chris Stapleton.

Tennessee whiskey (Wikipedia)

Tennessee whiskey is straight whiskey produced in the U.S. state of Tennessee. Although it has been legally defined as a bourbon whiskey in some international trade agreements, most current producers of Tennessee whiskey disclaim references to their products as "bourbon" and do not label them as such on any of their bottles or advertising materials. All current Tennessee whiskey producers are required by Tennessee law to produce their whiskeys in Tennessee and – with the sole exception of Benjamin Prichard's – to use a filtering step known as the Lincoln County Process prior to aging the whiskey. Beyond the perceived marketing value of the distinction, Tennessee whiskey and bourbon have almost identical requirements, and most Tennessee whiskeys meet the criteria for bourbon.

Whiskey being aged at Jack Daniel's Distillery in Lynchburg
The George Dickel distillery in Tullahoma

Tennessee whiskey is one of the top ten exports of Tennessee. According to the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States, as of 2013, the U.S. market for bourbon and Tennessee whiskey reached $2.4 billion, and exports of bourbon and Tennessee whiskey grew to exceed $1 billion. There are two major producers of Tennessee whiskey, Jack Daniel's based in Lynchburg (owned by the Louisville, Kentucky-based Brown-Forman) and George Dickel based in Cascade Hollow near Tullahoma (owned by the London-based Diageo), as well as numerous locally based producers throughout the state. In June 2017, the Tennessee Distillers Guild launched the Tennessee Whiskey Trail, a 25-stop distillery tour across the state, to further promote Tennessee whiskey and local whiskey culture.

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