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Isaac Kola

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– History:
– Isaac Kola introduced in Peru in 2002 as a rival to Inca Kola after Coca-Cola’s acquisition of Inca Kola.

– Description:
– Isaac Kola sold in 500mL and 1.5L PET bottles, as well as 2.200L and 3.300L bottles.

– Product Promotions:
– Embotelladora Don Jorge S.A.C. promoted the show “Al Fondo Hay Sitio” on Isaac Kola and Perú Cola labels.
– Collectible stickers of show characters were available on different bottle sizes as part of the promotion.
– Second promotion in 2011 featured sticker-tattoos of show characters on 1/2 liter PET bottles.

– See Also:
– Direct competitive brands include Inca Kola, Oro, Triple Kola, and Viva.
– Perú Cola is a sister brand marketed alongside Isaac Kola.

– References:
– Don Jorge S.A.C. website archived on 2018-04-19, retrieved on 2014-02-04.

Isaac Kola (Wikipedia)

Isaac Kola is a Peruvian soft drink. It is brand of the Embotelladora Don Jorge S.A.C. company, a former bottler of Coca-Cola and later Inca Kola products.

Isaac Kola
TypeSoft drink
ManufacturerEmbotelladora Don Jorge S.A.C.
Country of origin Peru
Introduced2002; 22 years ago (2002)
Related productsInca Kola, Oro, Triple Kola, Viva Edit this on Wikidata
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