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Grandpa Graf’s

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– Grandpa Grafs root beer originated in 1873 by John Graf Sr in Milwaukee
– Graf Beverages was formed by Graf, producing various soft drinks
– Sylvia Graf took over the company after John Graf Sr’s death
– Lawrie O. Graf, known for his engineering skills, ran the company until 1968
– The company was eventually sold to P & V Atlas, which later sold it to A. J. Canfield in 1984

– Grandpa Grafs is sold in northern, eastern, and southern Wisconsin
– Canfield distributes the product to Minnesota, Michigan, and Chicago
– Grandpa Grafs and 50/50 were discontinued during the global pandemic

The Grandpa:
– Originally called Grafs Root Beer, it was renamed Grandpa Grafs by Lawrie Graf
– The logo on the can features John Graf Senior’s face
– Cartoonist Sid Stone created the caricature of John Graf Senior
– The soda was also produced in glass bottles with the same image
– The glass bottled root beer was less popular than the canned products

– Grandpa Grafs was innovative in the 1940s to 1960s with new styles and flavors
– The company produced a significant amount of carbonated bottled water daily in the 1940s
– Known for introducing flat-top cans and sugar-free sodas
– Pioneered the quart bottle and twist-cap bottle
– Won awards in the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s

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Grandpa Graf's (Wikipedia)

Grandpa Graf's (also known as Graf's Root Beer, Graf's, or Gran'pa Graf's) is a carbonated soft drink that can presently be purchased in eastern and northern Wisconsin groceries. The beverage is a root beer flavored drink that originated in 1873 from John Graf.

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