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– **History**:
– Founded in 2003 by Lorenz Hampl and Mirco Wiegert
– Developed with a cola recipe containing less sugar and more caffeine
– Company name chosen through polling outside a shopping center
– Initial logo featured black and white labels with a photoshopped image of founders’ heads
– Sales in 2015 reached €7.4 million

– **Varieties**:
– Fritz-kola original
– Fritz-kola sugarfree
– Fritz-limo orangeade, melon, lemonade, apple, cherry, and elderberry
– Mischmasch kola-orange-lemonade
– Fritz-spritz organic sparkling apple, grape, and rhubarb

– **Ownership**:
– Mirco Wiegert currently heads the company
– Wiegert owns two-thirds of the company
– Hampl left the business in 2016
– The company employs 280 people
– Fritz-kola is sold in multiple European countries

– **Production**:
– Five bottling plants produce Fritz-kola
– The cola is a top seller in various European markets
– Major markets include the Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, and Austria
– Fritz-kola outsold all brands except Coke in 2019
– The company employs 280 people

– **Recognition**:
– Fritz-kola was featured in various articles and news outlets
– The brand has been recognized for challenging major competitors
– Founded in 2002 according to some sources
– Fritz-kola has expanded its product line to include different flavors
– The company’s innovative approach to soft drinks has gained attention

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