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File:The Coca-Cola Company (2020).svg

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– Summary:
– The new corporate logo of The Coca-Cola Company was introduced in June 2020.

– Licensing:
– The logo image is in the public domain as it consists of simple geometric shapes or text.
– The image may be protected as a trademark in some jurisdictions.
– Users must ensure they have the legal right to use the image without infringing any trademark rights.
– A normal copyright tag is still required for the image.

– Captions:
– Users can add a one-line explanation of what the file represents.
– The file represents the new corporate logo of The Coca-Cola Company introduced in June 2020.
– Details about the file upload are provided.

– File Usage:
– More than 100 pages use the file, including “Sinaltrainal v. Coca-Cola Co.”
– A full list of pages using the file is available.

– Global File Usage:
– The file is used on various Wikipedia pages in different languages.
– Pages include those related to The Coca-Cola Company and its products.
– The file has a wide global usage across multiple Wikipedia language editions.

– Metadata:
– The file may contain additional information from the digital camera or scanner used.
– Details about the file’s width, height, and source are provided.
– Users can retrieve more information about the file from the original source.

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