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– History:
– Filberts is known for its root beer and offers 42 soda flavors and 7 sparkling water flavors.
– George Filbert and family started the company in the early 1900s delivering milk, ice, and coal in Bridgeport.
Root beer was added in 1926 during Prohibition and was supplied to taverns in five states.
– The root beer was produced in half barrels and remains a family business managed by Ronald Filbert.
– Filberts occasionally creates custom flavors for special clients.

– References:
– Filberts Root Beer History can be found on Filberts Old Time Root Beer website.
– Information on new flavors can be accessed on the official Filberts website.
– The Field Museum Bistro Menu featuring Filberts products is available for viewing.
– The Wikipedia page for Filberts is a stub that can be expanded.
– Categories related to Filberts include root beer, American soft drinks, and soft drink stubs.

– Products:
– Filberts offers 42 flavors of soda and 7 flavors of sparkling water.
– The company is best known for its root beer.
– Custom flavors are sometimes created for specific customers.
Root beer is supplied in half barrels to taverns across multiple states.
– Filberts is a family-run business currently managed by Ronald Filbert.

– Impact:
– Filberts root beer gained popularity during Prohibition.
– The company’s products are supplied to taverns across five nearby states.
– Filberts has a history of delivering milk, ice, and coal in the Bridgeport neighborhood.
– The addition of root beer to the product line in 1926 marked a significant turning point.
– Ronald Filbert oversees the operations of the family business.

– Expansion:
– Filberts has expanded its product line to include 42 soda flavors and 7 sparkling water flavors.
– The company started with delivering milk, ice, and coal in Bridgeport.
– Custom flavors are sometimes developed for specific clients.
Root beer production began in 1926 and was distributed to taverns in neighboring states.
– Filberts remains a family business with Ronald Filbert at the helm.

Filbert's (Wikipedia)

Filbert's Old Time is a beverage company based in Chicago, Illinois. Since 1926, it has bottled and distributed soft drinks as well as non-carbonated beverages. The warehouse is located on 3430 S Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL 60608.

Filbert's Old Time Sodas
TypeSoft Drink
Country of origin 1926 in Chicago, Illinois
Related productsany other Root beer
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