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Fada cola

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– Fada Cola Overview:
– Produced in Marseille
– Localized version of French word “fou”
– Catchphrase emphasizes local pride
– Currently sells 1 million units per week
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– Fada Cola Characteristics:
Soft drink type
– Flavored as cola
– Local distribution
– Reflects Marseille culture
– Utilizes catchy catchphrase for marketing

– Company’s Marketing Strategy:
– Leveraging local pride for sales
– Catchphrase emphasizes city identity
– Strong connection to Marseille residents
– Achieving significant weekly sales
– Incorporating cultural elements into branding

Fada cola (Wikipedia)

Fada Cola is a locally distributed cola soft drink produced in Marseille. The name fada is the Marseille version of the French word "fou", meaning "mad".

Fada Cola
Typesoft drink
WebsiteFada Cola

The catchphrase of the company is: Qui ne boit pas Fada ne vient pas de marseille! meaning If you don't drink Fada you're not from Marseille. It is thus playing on the local factor, which is a very good selling point since every Marseillais is extremely proud of his hometown, and as a result, currently, the company is selling 1 Million units per week.

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