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– History:
– Duyvis name dates back to the 16th century in Zaanstreek.
– Teewis Duyvis inherited an oil windmill in 1806, expanding to seven windmills.
– In 1880, the company built a steam oil factory and started exporting linseed oil.
– Between 1920 and 1930, it became one of the largest oil exporting companies in the Netherlands.
– In 2006, Duyvis celebrated its 200th anniversary.

– Products:
– Duyvis offers various peanut varieties, including roasted, marinated, and sprinkled with herbs.
– Peanuts are combined with other seeds and salty snacks.
– Some peanuts have crunchy coatings of dough in different flavors, known as borrelnootjes.

– References:
– Duyvis is a patronymic surname, meaning Duifs son.
– Ericus Gerhardus Duijvis (1852-1937) is mentioned in genealogy sources.
– Various brands and companies are listed under references.

– Notable Events:
– In 1958, Duyvis received the status of a ‘Royal company.
– In 1991, a new factory was built, making Duyvis the largest peanut and nut brand in the Netherlands.
– In 2006, Duyvis was acquired by PepsiCo, a soft drink and snack manufacturer.

– Business Transitions:
– Duyvis was taken over by Akzo in 1961 and later by Douwe Egberts in 1987.
– In 2006, Douwe Egberts sold Duyvis to PepsiCo.
– The company shifted focus during World War II to produce other vegetable oil products for the consumer market.

Duyvis (Wikipedia)

Duyvis is a Dutch brand of salty snacks, peanuts and nuts. Dip sauces are also sold under the Duyvis brand.

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