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Coca-Cola with Coffee

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– History:
Coca-Cola Coffee Plus first distributed in Japan in September 2017
Coca-Cola Plus Coffee No Sugar launched in Australia in October 2017
– Previous coffee variant, Coca-Cola BlāK, launched in 2006 and discontinued in 2008
Coca-Cola with Coffee contains more real coffee than Blak
– Formula varies by region to suit local tastes

– International Distribution:
– Available in over 30 markets worldwide by 2020
– Introduced to the United States in January 2021
– Arrived in three new flavors: Dark Blend, Vanilla, and Caramel
– Zero-sugar version available in Dark Blend and Vanilla
– Discontinued in the United States in November 2022

– References:
– Casey Baseel introduced Coca-Cola pre-mixed with coffee in Japan in 2017
– Sarah Young reported on the limited-edition coffee flavor launch in 2017
Coca-Cola launched limited edition Coca-Cola Plus Coffee in Australia in 2017
– Danielle Wiener-Bronner discussed the introduction of Coke with coffee in the U.S. in 2021
– Beverage Digest reported on the discontinuation of Coke with Coffee in the U.S. in 2022

– Companies and Holdings:
Coca-Cola Beverages Africa owns 66.5% of Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola Europacific Partners holds 19.5% of Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola FEMSA has a 28% stake in Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola Hellenic owns 23.2% of Coca-Cola
– Bambi holds a 23.0% stake in Coca-Cola

– Legal Cases and Campaigns:
– Notable legal cases involving Coca-Cola include United States v. Forty Barrels and Twenty Kegs of Coca-Cola (1916)
– Escola v. Coca-Cola Bottling Co. (1944) is another significant legal case
– Sinaltrainal v. Coca-Cola (2001) is a well-known legal case involving the company
– POM Wonderful v. Coca-Cola (2014) is a notable legal battle
– Campaigns and slogans associated with Coca-Cola include Ashita Ga Arusa, Coming Together, and Hey Kid, Catch!

Coca-Cola with Coffee (also called Coca-Cola Coffee Plus) is a coffee-flavored version of Coca-Cola. It was first launched in 2017 in Japan and was distributed to international markets in the following years, being introduced to the United States in 2021.

Coca-Cola with Coffee
TypeCoffee-flavored cola
ManufacturerThe Coca-Cola Company
IntroducedSeptember 2017 (Japan)
January 2021 (United States)
Discontinued2022 (United States)
VariantsCoca-Cola with Coffee Zero Sugar
Related productsCoca-Cola BlāK
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