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Coca-Cola Creations

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Coca-Cola Starlight:
– Limited edition variant of Coca-Cola introduced in 2022
– Features a red color and unique taste inspired by space
– Known as Coca-Cola Intergalactic in the UK and Coca-Cola Stardust in South Korea
– Launched alongside Coca-Cola Creations in February 2022
– Discontinued on August 1, 2022, succeeded by Coca-Cola Dreamworld

Coca-Cola Flavor:
– Speculated flavors included raspberry and s’mores before release
– Described as tasting like fruit, vanilla, or cotton candy
– Reviewers mentioned flavors like strawberry, marshmallow, and cotton candy
– Some compared its taste to minty cotton candy with vanilla

Coca-Cola Byte:
– Launched in April 2022
– Described as metaverse-inspired
– Part of Coca-Cola Creations line
– Introduced as an innovative limited-edition flavor
– Available in North American stores

Coca-Cola Marshmello:
– Launched in June 2022
– Collaboration with artist Marshmello
– Flavors included strawberry and watermelon
– Part of the Coca-Cola Creations series
– Offered a unique taste experience

Coca-Cola Dreamworld:
– Launched in August 2022
– Aimed to tap into Gen Z’s passion for imaginative flavors
– Explored the concept of what a dream tastes like
– Part of the Coca-Cola Creations lineup
– Introduced as a limited-edition flavor in select markets

Coca-Cola Creations are limited edition variants of Coca-Cola first introduced in 2022 designed to appeal to younger consumers. The flavors use non-traditional branding to spark conversation.

Coca-Cola Creations
ManufacturerThe Coca-Cola Company
Country of origin United States
IntroducedFebruary 21, 2022
VariantsStarlight, Byte, Marshmello, Dreamworld, Soul Blast, Move, Ultimate, Y3000, Happy Tears, K-Wave
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