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Burger Rings

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– History:
– Burger Rings introduced in 1974.
– Brand overhaul in the late 1990s coincided with acquisition by Lays.
– Packet appearance changed to modern look during brand overhaul.
– Logo updated with bolder and sharper letters.
– Past logo adopted during brand overhaul.

– Ingredients:
– Made of corn and rice.
– Suitable for vegans confirmed by a Smiths Chips representative.
– Ingredients include cereals (corn, rice), vegetable oil, salt, sugar, and more.
– Packaging states “Contains Gluten, Contains Milk or Milk Products, Contains Soy Bean or Soy Bean Products.”
– Different from other packaging that states “may contain traces of…” which can be confusing for vegans.

– Flavours:
– Bacon Flavour variant briefly offered in Australia.

– Marketing:
– Memorable Star Wars-themed advertisement aired in the early 1980s.
– Radio ad campaign in the 1980s joked about Burger Rings being made of rubber tyres.
– 1989 ad featured a school chemistry experiment with a student gaining superpowers from a Burger Ring.
– 1992 ad showed a man at a bus stop attacked by a Burger Ring from another man’s packet.
– Various creative and engaging advertising campaigns over the years.

– In popular culture:
– Contestant on Australian quiz show failed to identify Burger Ring as a non-jewelry item.
– Eddie McGuire presented Burger Rings as a consolation prize on the show.
– Mentioned twice in the film “Hunt for the Wilderpeople” in a parable about Heaven.
– Burger Rings have become a recognizable pop culture reference in Australia.
– The brand’s presence in various media reflects its cultural impact.

– International variants:
– Available in New Zealand under the same name, distributed by Bluebird Foods.
– Different packaging design in the New Zealand variant.
– Slogan: “Full on burger flavour.”
– Available in various sizes and multipacks in New Zealand.
– Burger Rings have expanded beyond Australia to cater to international markets.

Burger Rings (Wikipedia)

Burger Rings are a type of corn-based, burger-flavoured Australian snack food distributed by The Smith's Snackfood Company, which, in turn is owned by PepsiCo.

Burger Rings
Burger Rings
Product typeBurger flavoured snacks
OwnerThe Smith's Snackfood Company
Introduced1974; 50 years ago (1974)
Registered as a trademark inThe Smith's Snackfood Company (Australia)
Burger Rings
TaglineBig burger taste (Australia)
Burger Rings
Nutritional value per 100 g (3.5 oz)
Energy2,190 kJ (520 kcal)
60.6 g
Sugars2.7 g
Dietary fibre2.1 g
27.9 g
Saturated13.4 g
6.4 g
163 mg
968 mg
Percentages estimated using US recommendations for adults, except for potassium, which is estimated based on expert recommendation from the National Academies.
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