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Production Cease 2001 and Return:
– Production ceased in 2001 and resumed in 2007 as Tasty Toobs.
– The Herald Sun linked the resurgence of Toobs to the global economic recession.
– The product faced vandalism on its Wikipedia page in 2014.
– Smiths Snackfood Company stopped Toobs production in 2015 due to low demand.
– Melbourne radio duo Lucy and Kel gave away their last bags of Tasty Toobs in 2015.

2015 Campaign to Bring Back Toobs:
– Public outcry followed the announcement of Toobs discontinuation in 2015.
– Cricketer Shane Warne initiated a campaign on Twitter with hashtags #BringBackToobs and #savetoobs.
– Smiths Consumer Information Centre cited declining consumer demand for discontinuing Toobs.
– Despite sentiment, actual sales were the main issue.
– The company deemed ongoing production unjustifiable.

2021 Return:
– In May 2021, Smiths hinted at bringing Toobs back into production.
– Tasty Toobs officially returned in July 2021 after a six-year absence.
– Initial sales were strong, causing some stores to run out of stock.
– The return was announced as a limited edition for six months.
– In December 2021, Tasty Toobs made a permanent return with production split between two locations.

– Tasty Toobs product page on
– Media coverage by Herald Sun and The Sydney Morning Herald.
– Reports on the discontinuation of Tasty Toobs by Smiths.
– Coverage of the 2021 return of Tasty Toobs.
– Articles on fan campaigning and the popularity of Tasty Toobs.

Toobs (Wikipedia)

Toobs (later known as "Tasty Toobs") are a brand of Australian snack food, first created in 1954 by Albert Cranum, and owned and sold by the British Australian company The Smith's Snackfood Company, trading as "Smith’s". The potato-based flavoured snack took their name from the characteristic shape of the crisps.

Close up of a bowl of toobs
Alternative namesTasty Toobs
TypePotato chip
Place of originAustralia
Created byAlbert Cranum
Serving temperatureRoom temperature
Main ingredientsWheat, tomato, potato
VariationsChicken, oriental, oats and Mexican flavour

Peaking in popularity during the 1970s, Toobs were considered a novelty crisp and could be found in supermarkets and selected convenience stores. They were available in a number of flavours including Chicken, Oriental, Oats and Mexican Party, but more recently were only available in the original tomato flavour.[failed verification]

Availability has been inconsistent. Toobs were unavailable from 2001 to 2007, and again from 2015 to 2021.

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