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– **History**
– Founded by Anthony Nobby Noblet in the 1950s
– Advertised on Australian TV in the 1980s
– Introduced to the UK and Ireland in 2005
– UK range targeted male consumers
– Ad featured Noddy Holder frustrated with brand misinterpretation

– **Advertising**
– Memorable tagline: “Nibble Nobbys nuts”
– Combination of real-life and animated scenes in commercials
– British ads aired post-9:00 pm due to risque humor
– UK range positioned as fun, blokey, and flavorful
– Distinctive sense of humor in the brand’s marketing

– **Expansion**
– Brand introduced to the UK and Ireland in 2005
– Launched a distinctive range of nuts and crisps products
– Targeted male consumers with a focus on flavor
– Positioned as straightforward satisfaction with humor
– Featured musician Noddy Holder in UK advertising

– **References**
– Marketing Excellence book by Burkitt & Zealley
– Nobbys Nuts trademarked in 1957
– Information available on Australian Food Timeline
– References available on National Film and Sound Archive
– Details on Nobbys Nuts UK Facebook page

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Nobby's (Wikipedia)

Nobby's is Australia's largest nuts brand, manufactured by The Smith's Snackfood Company, the Australian snacks division of PepsiCo.

Nobby's products are typically sold in supermarkets as well as pubs. Their beer nuts pack claims to have at least 97% Australian ingredients while their peanut pack reports that they are "packed in Australia with less than 10% Australian ingredients".

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