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Breizh Cola

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SUBTOPIC: References
– Literally
– West lighthouse
– This is a pun on the phrase Far West, the French equivalent of Wild West
– This brand-name food or drink product–related article is a stub
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SUBTOPIC: Breizh Cola
– Breizh Cola is a brand of cola produced in Brittany, France
– It was created in 2002 as an alternative to major international brands
– The drink is known for its unique taste with a hint of lemon flavor
– Breizh Cola has gained popularity in the region and is expanding nationally
– The company behind Breizh Cola focuses on using local ingredients and supporting the local economy

SUBTOPIC: Production Process
– Breizh Cola is made using natural ingredients such as sugar, caramel, and natural cola flavor
– The production process involves mixing these ingredients in precise quantities
– The drink is then carbonated to give it its characteristic fizziness
– Quality control measures are in place to ensure consistency in taste and quality
– The final product is packaged in recyclable materials to promote sustainability

SUBTOPIC: Marketing Strategy
– Breizh Cola’s marketing strategy focuses on promoting its regional identity
– The brand highlights its ties to Brittany and the use of local ingredients
– Collaborations with local artists and events are part of the marketing efforts
– Social media plays a significant role in reaching a younger demographic
– Limited edition releases and merchandise also contribute to brand visibility

– Breizh Cola has contributed to the growth of the local economy in Brittany
– The brand has created jobs in the region through its production and distribution
– It has also raised awareness about the importance of supporting local businesses
– Breizh Cola’s success has inspired other regional brands to emerge
– The company’s emphasis on sustainability has set a positive example in the industry

Breizh Cola (Wikipedia)

Breizh Cola (pronounced [brɛjs kola], from the Breton word for Brittany), is a brand of cola bottled by Phare Ouest and sold in Brittany, France. It is one of many new types of alternate cola, or "altercola," competing with more established and widespread brands such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola.

Breizh Cola

Bottles of Breizh Cola
ManufacturerLancelot Brewery
DistributorPhare Ouest
Country of origin France
Introduced2002; 22 years ago (2002)
FlavourCola Edit this on Wikidata

Lancelot Brewery launched Breizh Cola in 2002, after one of the owners, Bernard Lancelot, noticed colas from the United States in a home in the middle of the Guatemalan jungle during a trip in 1997. Altercolas like Breizh Cola appeal to consumers because they offer different and unique flavours, and are also popular with those concerned about preserving diversity of choice in beverages.

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