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Zelal Cola

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– Brand Information:
– Zelal Cola is produced and marketed by Akcan GmbH of Germany.
– The brand falls under the category of cola brands.
– The article mentions that Zelal Cola is a stub.
– The article lacks sources and citations, needing improvement.
– Zelal Cola is listed in hidden categories for lacking sources.

– Article Details:
– The article lacks citations to reliable sources.
– It may be challenged or removed due to unsourced material.
– Readers are encouraged to help by adding citations.
– The article is tagged with a template for improvement.
– The article has a short description and matches Wikidata.

– Categories:
– Zelal Cola is classified under soft drink stubs.
– It is also listed under cola brands.
– The article is tagged as lacking sources.
– All articles are noted to be lacking sources.
– Articles with unsourced statements are also highlighted.

– Stubs and Templates:
– The article on Zelal Cola is considered a stub.
– Readers are invited to expand the stub article.
– A template message suggests improving the article.
– The article is identified as a stub related to soft drinks.
– The template message encourages readers to contribute.

– Source Retrieval:
– Readers are prompted to find sources for Zelal Cola.
– Sources can be located in news, newspapers, books, scholar articles, and JSTOR.
– The article was retrieved from a specific URL.
– The need for sources is emphasized for credibility.
– The article was accessed in March 2021.

Zelal Cola (Wikipedia)

Zelal Cola is a cola brand produced and marketed by Akcan GmbH of Germany. [citation needed]

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