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Warm milk

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– Nightcap Benefits:
– Warm milk is a common sleep aid for non-alcohol drinkers.
– Some find the taste of warm milk unappealing compared to cold milk.
– Adding honey or vanilla is a common practice to enhance the flavor.
Vanilla extract contains about 45% alcohol, which may be a concern for some.
– Warm milk contains tryptophan and calcium, which are believed to aid in sleep.

– Tryptophan Absorption:
– Tryptophan in warm milk needs carbohydrates to cross the brain-blood barrier.
– Eating carbohydrates before bed is generally not recommended.
– Some experts suggest that warm milk aids in relaxation rather than inducing sleepiness.

– References:
– “Does Warm Milk Really Help You Sleep Better?” by Sleep Advisor.
– “Will drinking warm milk make you sleepy?” by UAMS Health.
– The articles provide insights into the effectiveness of warm milk as a sleep aid.
– The sources can be further explored for detailed information.
– Additional research may be needed to understand the full impact of warm milk on sleep quality.

Warm milk (Wikipedia)

Warm milk is milk that has been heated above room temperature. It is commonly used as a nightcap for children and people who abstain from alcohol. Its effectiveness as such is disputed.

Milk bottle warmer from 1946, used to make warm milk
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