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Nightcap (drink)

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Alcoholic nightcaps and sleep:
– Nightcaps can be neat or mixed
– They should not be served chilled or on the rocks
– Hot toddy is considered the original nightcap
– Traditional nightcaps include brandy, bourbon, and Irish cream
Wine, especially fortified, can also function as a nightcap

Warm milk is often recommended as a nightcap
– It contains tryptophan and calcium
– Effectiveness of warm milk for inducing sleep is disputed
– Ovaltine was advertised as a good non-alcoholic nightcap in 1930

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Nightcap (drink) (Wikipedia)

A nightcap is a drink taken shortly before bedtime. For example, a small alcoholic drink or glass of warm milk can supposedly promote a good night's sleep.

A Bedtime Drink by Dutch painter Johannes Rosierse (c. 1860)
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