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The Polar Bears – Wikipedia

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– Kaskae leads family of polar bears to Arctic Circle for speech
– Jak tasked with caring for Kaia with Zook
– Jak shoves Zook at tundra peak during speech
– Family finds Kaia dancing with puffins
– Jak joins Kaia in water play after Kaskae’s order

– Lin-Manuel Miranda as Jak
– Armie Hammer as Zook
– Jonathan Adams as Kaskae
– Megyn Price as Sakari
– Lola Augspurger as Kaia

– “The Polar Bears” – Turner Classic Movies
– Ridley Scott and Coke’s short film reintroducing polar bears
– Joe Berkowitz’s article on Coke’s polar bears in Ridley Scott film
Coca-Cola’s holdings in various companies
– Legal cases involving Coca-Cola

**Campaigns and Slogans:**
– Ashita Ga Arusa
Coke Zero Facial Profiler
– Coming Together
– Country Sunshine
– Hey Kid, Catch!

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