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Stepan Company

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– Stepan Company founded by Alfred C. Stepan Jr. in Illinois
– Initially distributed chemical products to control road dust
– First location was a rented desk at Chicagos North Pier Terminal
– Company’s growth led to expansion into various industries
– Stepan Company has a long-standing history in the chemical industry

– Stepan produces industrial chemicals for various industries
– Industries served include Agriculture, Food, Personal Care, and more
– Chemicals used as raw materials for end products
– Diverse product range includes Dietary Supplements, Emulsion Polymerization, and more
– Stepan’s products play a crucial role in multiple sectors

Coca extraction:
– Stepan’s plant in Maywood, New Jersey prepares coca leaf extract for Coca-Cola
– Plant purchased in 1959 and authorized by the DEA to import coca leaves
– Approximately 100 metric tons of dried coca leaf imported annually
– Cocaine-free extract used in soft drinks, while cocaine sold for medicinal purposes
– Stepan’s involvement in coca extraction is crucial for Coca-Cola’s production

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Stepan Company (Wikipedia)

Stepan Company is a manufacturer of specialty chemicals headquartered in Northbrook, Illinois. The company was founded in 1932 by Alfred C. Stepan, Jr., and has approximately 2,000 employees. It is currently run by his grandson, F. Quinn Stepan, Jr. The company describes itself as the largest global merchant manufacturer of anionic surfactants, which are used to enhance the foaming and cleaning capabilities of detergents, shampoos, toothpastes, and cosmetics.

Stepan Company
Company typePublic
S&P 600 Component
FoundersAlfred C. Stepan, Jr.
RevenueIncrease US$1.925 billion (2017)
Increase US$146.2 million (2017)
Increase US$91.6 million (2017)
Total assetsIncrease US$1.471 billion (2017)
Total equityIncrease US$741.1 million (2017)
Number of employees
2,096 (2017)
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