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Soda Stereo

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– Formation of Soda Stereo in 1982 in Buenos Aires
– Band consisted of Gustavo Cerati, Zeta Bosio, and Charly Alberti
– Released seven studio albums before disbanding in 1997
– Musical evolution from new wave to post-punk to alternative rock
– Farewell concert in 1997 at Estadio Monumental in Buenos Aires


– Best-selling band in the history of Argentina
– Sold over 7 million copies worldwide as of 2007
– Set records in record sales and concert attendances
– Members remained musically active post-split
– Reunited for concert tours in 2007 and 2020


– Gustavo Cerati: lead singer and guitarist
– Zeta Bosio: bassist
– Charly Alberti: drummer
– Cerati pursued a successful solo career
– Reunited for tours in 2007 and 2020


– Self-titled debut album in 1984
– Followed by albums like “Nada Personal” and “Signos”
– “Canción Animal” featured hit song “De Música Ligera”
– Sound evolved on albums like “Dynamo” and “Sueño Stereo”
– Farewell concert released on live albums “El Último Concierto A and B”


– Impactful presence in Latin American music
– Influence on genres like shoegaze and art rock
– Cerati’s solo career success
– Tribute concerts after Cerati’s passing
– Continued influence on new generations of musicians

Soda Stereo (Wikipedia)

Soda Stereo was an Argentine rock band formed in Buenos Aires in 1982. The band's lineup consisted of lead singer and guitarist Gustavo Cerati, bassist Zeta Bosio, and drummer Charly Alberti. During their career, the band released seven studio albums before disbanding in 1997.

Soda Stereo
Soda Stereo performing in Caracas in 2007
Soda Stereo performing in Caracas in 2007
Background information
Also known asSoda
OriginBuenos Aires, Argentina
Years active1982–1997, 2007, 2020-2022.
LabelsSony Music, Sony BMG, Columbia
Past membersCharly Alberti
Zeta Bosio
Gustavo Cerati

The band's 1984 self-titled debut album featured a new wave and ska influenced sound, which evolved into a post-punk style found on their subsequent albums Nada personal (1985), Signos (1986), and Doble Vida (1988). The band's 1990 album Canción Animal featured the alternative rock anthem "De Música Ligera", their best-known song in Latin America. On their last two albums, Dynamo (1992) and Sueño Stereo (1995), their sound evolved to incorporate genres such as shoegaze and art rock. Their farewell concert on 20 September 1997 at the Estadio Monumental in Buenos Aires was released later that year on the live albums El Último Concierto A and B.

Soda Stereo are the best-selling band in the history of Argentina, setting landmarks in record sales and concert attendances. The band has sold more than 7 million copies worldwide as of 2007.

All three members remained musically active following the band's split, with Cerati embarking on a successful solo career. Soda Stereo reunited for the Me Verás Volver concert tour in 2007 and played their final concert on 21 December 2007. Cerati suffered a stroke after performing a solo show in Caracas, Venezuela, on May 15, 2010. He was hospitalized in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and fell into a coma for 4 years. He died on September 4, 2014 from respiratory arrest. Bosio and Alberti reunited Soda Stereo in 2020 for the Gracias Totales tour, which featured several guest singers including Cerati's son Benito and Coldplay’s frontman Chris Martin.

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