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Relentless (drink)

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– **Product Information**
– Relentless sold in 500ml and 355ml cans
– Marketed for strong stimulation, not suitable for children or pregnant women
– Slogan: No Half Measures, can size twice that of a standard Red Bull
– Introduced in New Zealand in May 2008 by Coca-Cola Amatil
– Original flavor renamed with new flavor releases

– **Artwork and Packaging**
– Logo and packaging designed by Rebecca Wright
– Brand magazine “This Is the Order” created by Rebecca Wright
– Each can contained poetry extracts from various poets
– Original packaging featured unique designs and artwork
– Collaboration with The Church of London Publishing for design

– **Filmmaking**
– Produced two feature-length documentary films on extreme sports
– First film “Powers of Three” set in Ireland
– Follow-up films: “Lives of the Artists” and “Lives of the Artists II: Follow Me Down”
– Commercial in 2012 associating car vandalism with product
– Involvement of rapper Professor Green in the commercial

– **Nutritional Information**
– Ingredients include taurine, glucuronolactone, caffeine, vitamins, and guarana
– Contains 32mg of Caffeine per 100mL
– Standard can size: 500mL (16.9 US fl oz)
– Total caffeine content around 160mg per can
– Various additives like citric acid, colorings, and preservatives

– **Sponsorship**
– Sponsors teams and athletes in core sports in the UK
– Collaboration with Motorcross Team Rob Hoopers Suzuki
– Sponsorship of TAS Suzuki in motorcycle road racing
– Sponsorship of various music festivals and events
– Sponsorship of sports teams like FC St. Pauli and Team Bath Racing

Relentless (drink) (Wikipedia)

Relentless is the brand name of an energy drink created in February 2006 by the Coca-Cola Company. In the year ending 2010, sales of the product in the UK increased by 28 percent. After a deal on 14 August 2014 seeing Coca-Cola purchase a 16.7% stake in Monster Energy, the ownership of the Relentless brand (along with other Coca-Cola Energy brands) was transferred to Monster Energy and Monster Energy's non-energy brands transferred to Coca-Cola.

A can of Relentless (standard size)
TypeEnergy drink
ManufacturerMonster Beverage Corporation
Country of origin United Kingdom
IntroducedFebruary 2006; 18 years ago (2006-02)
VariantsOrigin (Original), Passion Punch, Cherry, Zero, Apple and Kiwi, Lemonade, Mango, and Sour Twist, Watermelon

In 2011, the drink was the subject of court proceedings for breach of trademark by Relentless Records.

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