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**Deity Ninkasi**:
– Name: Ninkasi means ‘mistress of beer’ in cuneiform.
– Character: Associated with beer production, consumption, and effects. Symbolized the object she was associated with.
– Worship: Universally worshiped in Mesopotamia with temples in various cities.
– Associations: Parents were Enki and Ninti. Associated with other deities like Siraš and Patindu.
– Major Cult Center: Associated with Enlil and other deities in Mesopotamian pantheon.

**Literary References**:
– Hymn: Dedicated hymn likely describing the brewing process, with translations by scholars like Miguel Civil.
– Other Texts: Mentioned in myths like Lugalbanda and the Anzud Bird. Fragmentary references in various texts.
– Modern Relevance: Ninkasi’s influence seen in modern beer culture, with a brewery in Oregon and awards named after her.

**Scholarly Works**:
– References: Various scholars have studied Ninkasi, with key works by Asher-Greve & Westenholz, Krebernik, etc.
– Studies: Insights provided by scholars like Sallaberger into Ninkasi’s role in ancient Mesopotamian culture.
– Reallexikon der Assyriologie Entries: Entries related to Ninkasi in scholarly sources.

**Cultural Significance**:
– Worship Locations: Temples in Shuruppak, Eridu, Umma, Egiparku, and Ur.
– Gender and Relationships: Associated with Enki, Ninti, Ninhursag, and other deities in various roles.
– Literature: Presence in Mesopotamian literature and modern culture.
– Modern Relevance: Ninkasi’s name used in various modern contexts like awards and a brewery.

**Astronomical and Brewing Connections**:
– Asteroid and Brewery: Asteroid 4947 Ninkasi named after the goddess. Ninkasi Brewing Company founded in 2006.
Brewing: Ninkasi associated with beer brewing and quality in ancient texts.
– Awards: Ninkasi Award issued by the American Homebrewers Association.
– Miscellaneous: Mentions of Ninkasi in various contexts like competitions and articles.

Ninkasi (Wikipedia)

Ninkasi was the Mesopotamian goddess of beer and brewing. It is possible that in the first millennium BC she was known under the variant name Kurunnītu, derived from a term referring to a type of high quality beer. She was associated with both positive and negative consequences of the consumption of beer. In god lists, such as the An = Anum list and the Weidner god list, she usually appears among the courtiers of the god Enlil, alongside deities such as Ninimma and Ninmada. She could also be paired with Siraš, a goddess of similar character, who sometimes was regarded as her sister. A possible association between her and the underworld deities Nungal and Laṣ is also attested, possibly in reference to the possible negative effects of alcohol consumption.

Goddess of beer
Other namesdKAŠ.DIN.NAM (Kurunnītu?)
Major cult centerNippur
Symbolpossibly a cup
Personal information
ParentsEnki and Ninti
ChildrenMeḫuš, Mekù, Ememete, Kitušgirizal, Nušiligga, possibly Ninmada

A number of works of Mesopotamian literature refer to Ninkasi, for example the myths Lugalbanda in the Mountain Cave and Lugalbanda and the Anzud Bird. A hymn dedicated to her, known simply as the Hymn to Ninkasi, is also known. It is commonly discussed and quoted in modern literature.

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