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**Milkshake Preparation**:
– Milkshakes are prepared in various establishments using milkshake machines or blenders.
– Any flavor of ice cream can be used to make milkshakes.
– Additional flavorings like chocolate syrup or malted milk powder are commonly added.
– Fast-food outlets may use automatic milkshake machines for efficiency.

**Milkshake Terminology**:
– Different regions have varied terms for milkshakes, such as thick shake, frappe, or cabinet.
– Milkshakes with malted milk powder may be called malts.
– Particularly thick milkshakes are known as concrete.
– Legal requirements in some areas dictate what can be labeled a milkshake.
– Some fast-food chains have unique names for their milkshake products.

**History of Milkshakes**:
– Milkshakes originated in the U.S. in the early 20th century.
– The introduction of electric blenders in the 1920s boosted milkshake popularity.
– Malted milk powder became popular in the 1920s.
– The first automated milkshake machine, the Multimixer, was invented in 1936.
– By the 1950s, milkshakes were popular globally in various establishments.

**Evolution of Milkshakes**:
– From the 1880s to the 1930s, milkshakes transitioned from alcoholic drinks to wholesome beverages.
– Automation of milkshakes began in the 1930s with the Multimixer.
– In the 1940s and 1950s, milkshakes were popular in diners and soda fountains.
– Ray Kroc used automated machines at McDonald’s to speed up production.
– In the 2000s, reduced-sugar and low-fat milkshakes were developed for school lunch programs.

**Milkshakes in Popular Culture**:
– Milkshakes are used in films to symbolize purity, innocence, and youth.
– Characters in media, like those from Archie Comics, are often depicted enjoying milkshakes.
– The term ‘Milkshake Duck’ refers to a person who gains then loses popularity on social media.
– Notable milkshake brands like Keventers Milkshake and Shake Shack are recognized.
– Milkshakes have a nostalgic and cultural significance, evolving from a simple drink to a complex symbol.

Milkshake (Wikipedia)

A milkshake (sometimes simply called a shake) is a sweet beverage made by blending milk, ice cream, and flavorings or sweeteners such as butterscotch, caramel sauce, chocolate syrup, or fruit syrup into a thick, sweet, cold mixture. It may also be made using a base made from non-dairy products, including plant milks such as almond milk, coconut milk, or soy milk. Dry ingredients such as whole fruit, nuts, seeds, candy, or cookies may be incorporated.

A strawberry milkshake topped with a strawberry
Alternative namesThick shake, frappe, cabinet
Place of originUnited States
Main ingredientsMilk, ice cream, and flavorings or sweeteners

Milkshakes originated in the United States around the turn of the 20th century, and grew in popularity following the introduction of electric blenders in the subsequent two decades. They became a common part of youth popular culture, as ice cream shops were a culturally acceptable meeting place for youth, and milkshakes became symbolic of the innocence of youth.

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