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Mercator (retail)

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**1. Mercator Group Overview:**
– Largest retail company in Slovenia with 1,014 retail units
– Operates in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina
– Core business is sale of consumer goods
– Owns production companies and self-service gas stations
– Innovations include e-commerce website, self-service checkouts, and mobile apps

**2. Regional Presence:**
Slovenia: 466 retail units, offers homeware and wholesale products
– Serbia: 341 stores under different brands, significant retail footprint
– Montenegro: Operating under the Idea brand, established presence
– Bosnia and Herzegovina: Acquired and reacquired stores
– Croatia: Real estate operations retained by Mercator

**3. Mercator’s Operations:**
– Dominant company: Mercator d.o.o.
– Subsidiaries: Mercator -S d.o.o., Mercator – BH d.o.o., Mercator – H d.o.o.
– Business report for 1-6 2013 highlights performance

**4. Mercator’s International Expansion:**
– Expanded to Serbia with Mercator -S
– Returned to Bosnia, opening 83 stores
– Presence in Montenegro with Mercator – CG d.o.o.
– Presence in Croatia, increasing foreign investments

**5. Media Coverage and Additional Information:**
– Media coverage on M SOSESKA launch, marketing strategies, and return to Bosnia
– Online presence: Wikimedia Commons,,,,

Mercator (retail) (Wikipedia)

Poslovni sistem Mercator, d.o.o. (pronounced [mɛɾˈkaːtɔɾ]; Latin for 'merchant') is a Slovenian business conglomerate. One of the largest companies in Slovenia by annual revenue, it is the parent company of the Mercator Group of supermarket chains. It is wholly owned by the Croatian joint-stock company Fortenova Group.

Mercator d.o.o.
Company typeLimited liability company
IndustryRetail stores
FoundedDecember 5, 1989; 34 years ago (1989-12-05)
HeadquartersDunajska cesta 107, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Key people
Tomislav Kramarić (President of the Manager Board)
BrandsMercator, Lumpi, Minute, Bio Zone, Free Zone, Olea, Dax, Finesse, Buddy, Kitty, Maxen
Revenue1,200,000,000 Euro (2018) Edit this on Wikidata
−10,900,000 Euro (2018) Edit this on Wikidata
Total equityIncrease Fortenova Group
Number of employees
20,300 (2021)
WebsiteCorporate website

In addition to Slovenia, Mercator Group is also present in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia. The core business of the Mercator Group is the retail of everyday consumer goods through a diversified retail network across Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Mercator dates back to 1949 and the founding of the wholesale company Živila Ljubljana – the predecessor of Poslovni sistem Mercator, d. d., which was reorganised as a limited liability company on 4 July 2022. At the time of its founding, Mercator sold goods from a warehouse. Today, however, Mercator is one of the most modern retailers in the region with 20,300 employees across the entire Mercator Group.

Since April 2021, Mercator has been owned by Fortenova Group It acquired the shares from Agrokor, which had bought the Slovenian retailer in 2014. Fortenova initially owned 89.11% of Mercator, increasing its stake to 90.005% after the general meeting held in September 2021. Fortenova became the sole owner of Mercator on 1 April 2022, after forcing out minority shareholders. Then, in mid-April, the General Assembly approved the delisting of the company's shares from the stock exchange.

Mercator aims to establish state-of-the-art store concepts on all of its markets. Its continued growth is based on efficient business models that include an attractive offer for customers, long-term partnerships with local and regional suppliers, new store concepts, as well as operational efficiency and cost efficiency across all the areas of its business.

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