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List of unrefined sweeteners

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– From Sap:
– Indian jaggery made from sugarcane
– Sweet sorghum syrup from Sorghum spp.
– Mexican or maize sugar from green maize stalks
– Agave nectar from Agave spp.
Maple syrup from tapped maple trees

– From Roots:
Sugar beet syrup from sugar beet roots
Sugar beet molasses as a by-product
Yacón syrup from yacón roots
– Sweet Cicely root
– Licorice root

– From Nectar and Flowers:
Brown sugar from common milkweed flowers
– Mahua nectar for syrup

– From Seeds:
Barley malt syrup from germinated barley grains
– Brown rice malt syrup from cultured rice grains
– Amazake from fermented rice with Koji
– Sweeteners made with starch and enzymes like corn syrup

– From Fruits:
– Watermelon sugar from ripe watermelons
– Pumpkin sugar from grated pumpkins
– Dates and its products from date palms
Jallab made by combining dates, grape molasses, and rose water
– Pekmez made from grapes, fig, and mulberry juices

– From Leaves:
Stevia leaves for sweetening food or drink
– Jiaogulan with sweet leaves
– Hydrangea macrophylla leaves for sweet tea

– By Animals:
– True honey from honey bees
– Sugarbag honey from stingless bees

This list of unrefined sweeteners includes all natural, unrefined, or low-processed sweeteners.

Sweeteners are usually made from the fruit or sap of plants, but can also be made from any other part of the plant, or all of it. Some sweeteners are made from starch, with the use of enzymes. Sweeteners made by animals, especially insects, are put in their own section as they can come from more than one part of plants.

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