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List of sugar mills in Queensland

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**Operating Sugar Mills in Queensland:**
– Mossman Central Mill in Mossman, Shire of Douglas, with a crush capacity of 0.85 million tonnes per year.
– Mulgrave Sugar Mill in Gordonvale, Cairns Region, crush capacity of 1.2 million tonnes per year.
– Tableland Sugar Mill in Arriga, Shire of Mareeba, crush capacity of 0.6 million tonnes per year.
– South Johnstone Sugar Mill in South Johnstone, Cassowary Coast Region, crush capacity of 1.8 million tonnes per year.
– Tully Sugar Mill in Tully, Cassowary Coast Region, crush capacity of 2.5 million tonnes per year.

**Former Sugar Mills in Queensland:**
– Maryborough Sugar Mill in Maryborough, Fraser Coast Region.
– Pleystowe Sugar Mill in Pleystowe, Mackay Region.
– Goondi Sugar Mill in Goondi, Cassowary Coast Region.
– Mourilyan Sugar Mill in Mill Street, Mourilyan, Cassowary Coast Region.

**Additional Sugar Mills in Queensland:**
– Farleigh, Marian, and Racecourse Sugar Mills owned by Mackay Sugar Limited.
– Plane Creek Sugar Mill in Sarina, operated by Wilmar Sugar Australia.
– Millaquin Sugar Mill in Bundaberg North, operated by Bundaberg Sugar.
– Isis Central Sugar Mill in Isis Central, Bundaberg Region.
– Rocky Point Sugar Mill in Steiglitz & Woongoolba, City of Gold Coast.

**Sugar Mills in Northern New South Wales:**
– Broadwater, Condong, and Harwood Island are locations of sugar mills in northern New South Wales.

**Historical Sugar Mills in Various Regions:**
– **Mackay Region:**
– Habana, Richmond, North Eton, Homebush, and Palms Sugar Mills.
– **Bundaberg Region:**
– Fairymead, Oakwood, Doolbi, Pemberton, and Invicta Sugar Mills.
– **Fraser Coast Region:**
– Central Sugar Mill ruins, Yengarie Sugar Refinery ruins, Mount Bauple Sugar Mill, Moreton Central Mill.
– **Sunshine Coast Region:**
– Oaklands (Whishs), Gibsons Clydesdale (St Helena Island), Cooperative Sugar Mill, Mount Bauple Sugar Mill, Moreton Central Mill.

The sugar industry is an important industry in Australia valued at $1.5 billion to $2.5 billion per annum, much of which is generated through export. Requiring a hot climate and plenty of water, sugarcane is predominantly grown in Queensland with some in northern New South Wales. Over 4000 sugar cane farms produce 32-35 million tonnes of sugar cane each year, from which 4-4.5 million tonnes of raw sugar is extracted at sugarcane mills. At 2011, there were 24 sugar mills in Australia, ranging from Mossman in Queensland to Grafton in New South Wales. Mackay Region is known for its five locally owned mills. Altogether they produce enough sugar to support Central Queensland and Northern Queensland. They range from Racecourse Sugar Mill, Farleigh Mill, Marian Mill, Proserpine Mill and Sarina Sugar Shed. Queensland's first industrial-scale sugar plantation commenced in Moreton Bay in 1864.

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