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Bundaberg Sugar

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– **History**:
– Orenstein & Koppel 0-4-0 steam locomotive built in 1914 for hauling sugar cane trains at Millaquin mill
– Decauville locomotive works N° 399 of 1904 at Millaquin sugar mill
– Bundaberg Sugar Company Limited created in 1972 from the merger of Fairymead Sugar Company Limited and Gibson & Howes Limited
– In 2000, Bundaberg was acquired by the Belgian holding company Finasucre
– In 2014, the company purchased 14 new water irrigators to increase sugarcane yields

– **Sugar Mills**:
– Only one mill remains in operation as of 2022
– Millaquin mill at East Bundaberg
– Former mills included Qunaba Mill, Fairymead Mill, and Bingera mill at South Kolan

– **See Also**:
List of sugar mills in Queensland

– **References**:
– Rogers, Eliza (19 December 2014). Bundaberg Sugar invests in more energy efficient irrigators
– Company History – Bundaberg Sugar
– History of the House – Fairymead House
– Rogers, Eliza (14 June 2013). Nut shells fire up a power plant
– Bingera sugar mill was closed in 2020

– **Further Reading**:
– Kerr, John; Kerr, John; Bundaberg Sugar Company (1983), Southern sugar saga: a history of the sugar industry in the Bundaberg District

– **External Links**:
– Bundaberg Sugar (PDF). June 2008
– Retrieved from

Bundaberg Sugar (Wikipedia)

Bundaberg Sugar is a company involved in all aspects of sugar manufacture, including growing and milling the sugarcane and refining and marketing the sugar. It operates principally in the Bundaberg Region, Queensland, Australia. As at 2014, the company had over 9,000 hectares (22,000 acres) of sugarcane plantations.

Bundaberg Sugar
PredecessorsFairymead Sugar Company and Gibson & Howes
Founded1972 by merger
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