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List of foods made from maple

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Foods made from maple:
Maple syrup: extracted from sugar maple sap, boiled to evaporate water, used with pancakes and in baking
– Maple taffy: made by boiling maple sap, not as long as syrup, often eaten during maple syrup production
Maple sugar: traditional sweetener in Canada and northeastern US, solid sugar after boiling sap
Maple sugar candy: individual blocks of compacted maple sugar, popular in specialty candy shops
– Maple butter: confection made by heating and stirring maple syrup, light tan color, made from Grade A syrup

– Jaan Paan Liqueur: sweet paan-flavored spirit with Canadian maple syrup and herbs
– Maple liqueur: alcoholic products made from maple syrup in US and Canada
– Maple beer: ale with maple tones by fermenting maple syrup, considered a delicacy due to cost
– Hot Toddy: contains whiskey, lemon, and maple syrup instead of honey

Baked goods:
– Maple bar: rectangular doughnut with maple glaze, includes varieties like Long Johns and Maple bacon donuts
– Maple leaf cream cookies: sandwich cookies with maple cream filling
– Frog Run (maple syrup): last sap run of sugaring season, produces thick, dark maple syrup

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Several food products are created from the sap harvested from maple trees, which is made into sugar and syrup before being incorporated into various foods and dishes. The sugar maple is one of the most important Canadian trees, being, along with the black maple, the major source of sap for making maple syrup. Other maple species can be used as a sap source for maple syrup, but some have lower sugar contents or produce more cloudy syrup than these two.

U.S. maple syrup, Grade A varieties, left to right: Golden Colour and Delicate Taste, Amber Color and Rich Taste, Dark Color and Robust Taste, Very Dark Color and Strong Taste
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