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Life (cereal)

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– Whole grain oat flour, corn flour, sugar, whole wheat flour, calcium carbonate, salt, baking soda, tocopherols, and B vitamins
– Formerly contained BHT as an artificial preservative, removed in late 2021

– Original slogan: “The most useful protein ever in a ready-to-eat cereal
– Original mascots were munchkin-like characters
– Popularized in the 1970s by an ad campaign featuring Little Mikey
– Ad campaign slogan: “He likes it! Hey, Mikey!”
– Campaign created by ad firm Doyle Dane and Bernbach, running from 1972 to 1986

– Introduced Cinnamon Life in 1978, followed by Raisin Life
– Cinnamon Life accounts for one-third of total sales
– Raisin Life variant discontinued in the mid-1980s
– Various versions released over the years like Baked Apple Life, Honey Graham Life, and Life Chocolate Oat Crunch
– Current varieties include Cinnamon, Vanilla, Chocolate, and Original

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– Mary Cross’s book on American icons
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Life (cereal) (Wikipedia)

Life is a breakfast cereal produced by the Quaker Oats Company. Introduced in 1961, the cereal has a brown, checked square pattern and mainly consists of oat flour, corn flour, added sugar, and whole-wheat flour. As of 2018, because of the numerous varieties the cereal has, the original cereal is now marketed as "Life Original Multigrain Cereal".

Quaker Life Multigrain Cereal, with milk
Product typeBreakfast cereal
OwnerQuaker Oats
Introduced1961; 63 years ago (1961)
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