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– History:
– Quisp and Quake released in 1965 by Quaker Oats Company.
– Characters advertised together with mascots competing.
– Created by Jay Ward, known for Rocky and Bullwinkle.
– Quisp was an alien prince with a scrooch gun.
– Quake was a miner who later got a makeover.

– Description:
– Quisp is corn meal and syrup saucer-shaped cereal.
– Taste similar to Cap’n Crunch, also by Quaker Oats.
– Quake cereal resembled gears.
– Packaging taglines: Crunchy Corn Cereal, QUAZY Energy Cereal.

– Ingredients:
– Main: Corn flour, sugar, oat flour, coconut oil.
– Additives: Niacinamide, zinc oxide, BHT, folic acid, etc.
– Quaker Sweet Crunch had same ingredients.

– References:
– Book “What a Character! 20th Century American Advertising Icons.”
– Interview with Bill Scott on cereal advertising.
– Vintage Quisp & Quake cereal commercial on YouTube.
– article on Quisp.
– Quaker Oats Online Store reference.

– Further Reading:
– “Jay Ward’s Animated Cereal Capers” by Kevin Scott Collier.
– Brands like Honey Ohs!, North American Van Lines, etc.
– People associated with brands like KFC, Pepsi, etc.
– Legal case Leonard v. Pepsico, Inc.
– Production partnership with Ekaterra.

Quisp (Wikipedia)

Quisp is a sugar-sweetened breakfast cereal from the Quaker Oats Company. It was introduced in 1965 and continued as a mass-market grocery item until the late 1970s. Subsequently, the Quaker Oats Company marketed Quisp sporadically, and with the advent of the Internet, began selling it primarily online. Quisp made its return to supermarkets as a mass-market grocery item in late 2012.

Product typeBreakfast cereal
OwnerQuaker Oats
Introduced1965; 59 years ago (1965)

Quaker Oats initially marketed Quisp with a sister brand, Quake. Television commercials featuring both brands were produced by Jay Ward, a major producer of animated television series.

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