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Good Housekeeping – Wikipedia

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**History and Profile**:
– Founded by Clark W. Bryan in 1885 in Holyoke, Massachusetts.
– Transitioned to a monthly publication in 1891.
– Circulation reached 300,000 by 1911 and was acquired by the Hearst Corporation.
– Achieved over 2.5 million circulation in 1943.
– Notable contributors include A. J. Cronin and Virginia Woolf.
– Known for its emphasis on women’s interests, product testing, recipes, health, and home management.
– Dorothy Cottington Taylor was an influential figure in the magazine’s history.

**Good Housekeeping Institute**:
– Established in 1900 as the Experiment Station.
– Introduced the Good Housekeeping Seal in 1909.
– Headed by Harvey W. Wiley in 1912.
– Added departments like Beauty Clinic and Babys Center in 1932.
– Faced FTC complaint in 1939 but maintained popularity.
– Good Housekeeping Research Institute established in 1900 for product testing.

**International Editions**:
– British edition created in 1922.
– Spanish version Buenhogar launched in 1965.
– Russian edition known as Novy Ochag since July 2022.
– Novy Ochag recorded 13 million digital readers in October 2023.
– Alice Maud Head managed the UK edition until 1939.
– Good Housekeeping has an international presence with editions in various countries.
– The magazine’s content adapted to suit the cultural preferences of different regions.

**American Editors**:
– Additional citations needed for verification.
– Good Housekeeping Seal introduced in 1909.
– Over 5,000 products have received the GH Seal.
– The Seal’s wording changed in 1962 for clarity.
– Influential editors include Frances Parkinson Keyes.
– Good Housekeeping Seal associated with trust and quality.

**Contributions, Influence, and Collaborations**:
– Seven Sisters member and one of the three still in print.
– Notable writers include Somerset Maugham and J. D. Salinger.
– Partnerships with companies like ESPN Inc., King Features Syndicate, and NorthSouth Productions.
– Reed Brennan Media Associates collaborated with Good Housekeeping on various projects.
– The magazine covers topics ranging from motor vehicles to real estate.
– Hearst Tower, Hearst Service Center, and Hearst Ranch are part of its operational infrastructure.

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