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– Origin:
– Variant of the soft drink cola from Peru
– Created in 2006 to promote Alberto Fujimori
– Supporters created it to fund his 2006 campaign
– Kenji Fujimori applied for a trademark on the name
– Linked to the political history of Peru

– Type:
Soft drink
– Flavored as cola
– Represents a stub in soft drink articles
– Falls under the category of Peruvian drinks
– Also categorized under cola brands

– Introduction:
– Introduced 18 years ago in 2006
– Created to support a former President of Peru
– Associated with a political campaign
– Son of the former President applied for a trademark
– Developed to promote a specific individual

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Fuji-Cola (Wikipedia)

Fuji-Cola is a soft drink created to promote Alberto Fujimori, a former President of Peru. The drink was created by his supporters to promote and fund his campaign for the vote in 2006. Kenji Fujimori, Alberto's son, has applied for a trademark on the name.

TypeSoft drink
Introduced2006; 18 years ago (2006)
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