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El Ché-Cola

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– Origin:
– El Ché-Cola was a cola soft drink made in Marseille, France.
– Manufactured by the El Ché-Cola Company.
– The company donated 50% of its net profits to NGOs fighting world hunger.
– The cola was GMO-free.
– It contained less sugar compared to other colas.

– Name Inspiration:
– The name “El Ché-Cola” paid tribute to Che Guevara.
– The brand aimed to evoke the revolutionary spirit associated with Che Guevara.
– This homage was a key aspect of the brand’s identity.
– It sought to align with Che Guevara’s ideals.
– The name choice was significant for the brand’s message.

– Manufacturing Details:
– The drink was produced in Marseille, France.
– Known for its commitment to social causes.
– The company prioritized using GMO-free ingredients.
– Emphasized a lower sugar content compared to competitors.
– Donated a significant portion of profits to NGOs.

– Financial Information:
– The company’s financial data can be found on SOCIETE.COM.
– Revenues, results, and financial statements were available.
– The business operated with transparency regarding its finances.
– Information about profits and losses was accessible.
– The company’s financial performance was publicly documented.

– Additional Resources:
– Archived copy of is available.
– The website’s content was archived for reference.
– The archived material provides historical information.
– Accessing the archived site allows for further research.
– The website’s data can offer insights into the brand’s history.

El Ché-Cola (Wikipedia)

El Ché-Cola was a cola soft drink manufactured in France (in Marseille) by the El Ché-Cola Company, which donated 50% of its net profits to NGOs that fight against world hunger. The cola was guaranteed GMO free, with less sugar than most other colas.

El Ché-Cola
Typesoft drink
ManufacturerEl Ché-Cola Company
Country of origin 2005; 19 years ago (2005)
Discontinued2010; 14 years ago (2010)

The name was an homage to Che Guevara.

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