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– **History**:
– Founded in 1998 by Greg and Mike Pickett.
– Products made at a 150,000-square-foot manufacturing facility.
– Endorsed by Adrian Peterson and Mike Bottom.
– Financed by TSG Consumer Partners.
– Acquired by Hormel for $450 million in 2014.

– **Controversy**:
– Consumer Reports found heavy metal levels in Muscle Milk products exceeded proposed limits.
– CytoSport responded stating their popular Muscle Milk Chocolate shakes did not exceed limits.
– National Advertising Division referred Muscle Milk advertising claims for review.
– Federal court issued an injunction against Vital Pharmaceuticals for infringing on Muscle Milk trademark.
– Nestle challenged Muscle Milk marketing as false and misleading.

– **Muscle Milk Pickett Racing**:
– Greg Pickett founded a championship-winning sports car racing team.
– Competed in American Le Mans Series and 24 Hours of Le Mans.
– Achieved victories in various championships.
– Closed operations in 2014 to focus on Muscle Milk brand expansion.

– **References**:
– CytoSport’s official website provides information on their products.
– Articles from reputable sources like The Wall Street Journal and Consumer Reports discuss CytoSport.
– Hormel’s acquisition of CytoSport was covered in various publications.
– Legal actions related to trademark infringement are documented in press releases.
– CytoSport’s response to controversies is available in public records.

CytoSport (Wikipedia)

CytoSport is an American manufacturer of sports-oriented nutritional products, or "supplements" based in Benicia, California. It is a subsidiary of PepsiCo organized under the Gatorade line of products, and is primarily known for its line of Muscle Milk protein supplement products, primarily in the form of ready-to-drink beverages and powders. In Canada, the product is branded as Muscle Mlk, a modification required in Canada to avoid confusion with milk. CytoSport also formerly produced supplemental products under the Monster Milk and CytoMax brands.

CytoSport, Inc
Product typeProtein drink
Other protein supplement products
OwnerPepsiCo (via Gatorade)
CountryUnited States
Previous ownersHormel Foods
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