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– Etymology:
– Name “yuenyeung” refers to mandarin ducks, symbolizing conjugal love in Chinese culture
– Mandarin ducks appear in pairs, with males and females looking very different
– The name of the drink signifies a pair of two unlike items

– Origin:
– Lan Fong Yuen claims invention of yuenyeung and silk-stocking milk tea in 1952
– Owner Mr. Lam credited with the creation
– Unverified claim for yuenyeung invention
– Silk-stocking milk tea invention claim recorded in LegCo meeting

– Adoption:
Starbucks in Hong Kong and Macau introduced Yuen Yeung Frappuccino Blended Cream in summer 2010
– Promoted as a frappuccino version of the traditional drink

– Children’s yuenyeung:
– Caffeine-free variant made with Horlicks and Ovaltine
– Horlicks and Ovaltine are common in cha chaan tengs in Hong Kong
– Known as children’s yuenyeung (兒童鴛鴦)

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Yuenyeung (Wikipedia)
Iced yuenyeung at a cha chaan teng in Hong Kong (2007)
Place of originHong Kong
Serving temperatureHot or iced
Main ingredientsBrewed coffee, Hong Kong-style milk tea (black tea, evaporated or condensed milk), sugar
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese鸳鸯
Hanyu PinyinYuānyāng
Cantonese YaleYūnyēung

Yuenyeung (Chinese: 鴛鴦, often transliterated according to the Cantonese language pronunciation yuenyeung, yinyeung, or yinyong; yuanyang in Mandarin) is a drink created by mixing coffee with tea. It originated in Hong Kong, where it remains popular.

The exact method of creating yuenyeung varies by vendor and region, but it generally consists of brewed coffee and black tea with sugar and milk. According to the Hong Kong Leisure and Cultural Services Department, the mixture is three parts coffee and seven parts Hong Kong–style milk tea. It can be served hot or cold.

It was originally served at dai pai dongs (open air food vendors) and cha chaan tengs (café), but is now available in various types of restaurants.

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