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The Root Glass Company

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– Roots company entered a Coca-Cola contest in 1915
– Design team consisted of plant supervisor Alexander Samuelson, auditor Clyde Edwards, and staff machinist Earl R. Dean
– Contour Bottle icon was patterned after the cocoa plant pod
– Design was based on research at Emeline Fairbanks Memorial Library in Terre Haute
– Earl Dean adapted the sketch to a hand machined mold for the sample bottle

– Greninger, Howard (July 15, 2015) article in Tribune-Star
– McCormick, Mike (2005) book “Terre Haute: Queen City of the Wabash”
– Kunerth, Jeff (June 3, 1996) article in Orlando Sentinel
– Samuelson, Alexander (1915-11-16) patent document from the United States Patent Office
– Donovan, Tristan (2013) book “Fizz: How Soda Shook Up the World”

– Hardman & Co.
– Watts & Co.
– World Kitchen
– Xinyi Glass
– Zwiesel

– John Adams
– Richard M. Atwater
– Frederick Carder
– Irving Wightman Colburn
– Henry Crimmel

– Glassmaking companies of the United States
– Defunct glassmaking companies
– Defunct companies based in Indiana
– Vigo County, Indiana
– Manufacturing companies established in 1901

The Root Glass Company originated as Root Glass Works in Vigo County, Indiana. Businessman and Pennsylvania native Chapman J. Root (November 22, 1864 - November 20, 1945) opened the original glass company on May 27, 1901, at Third and Voorhees Streets a year after he moved to Terre Haute, Indiana. By 1904 the company was manufacturing beverage bottles for Coca-Cola as well as several other beverage companies in the area. Between 1905 and 1912 the Root Glass Company workforce increased from 600 to 825 employees.

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