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Sugar Intervention

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– Conservative Cuban president re-elected in November 1916
– Liberals questioned re-election circumstances
– Military insurgency led by former president and others
– Liberals failed to overthrow the government
Cuba declared war on Germany in April 1917

– Menocal offered training camps to USA in July 1917
– American Marines arrived in August 1917
– Marines ensured safety of sugar plantations
– Marines cooperated with local authorities
– Marines faced anti-American protests

– 3rd Marine Brigade reinforced by 1st Marines in November 1918
– American presence in Cuba limited to Guantanamo Bay by 1922

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– Perez Jr., Louis A. (1979)
– Musicant, I, The Banana Wars, 1990
– Clark, George B. (2010)
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Sugar Intervention (Wikipedia)

The Sugar Intervention refers to the events in Cuba between 1917 and 1922, when the United States Marine Corps was stationed on the island.

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