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Sugar industry of India

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India’s sugar industry is a significant business.
– Over 525 mills produced more than 30 million tonnes of sugar in the last crushing season.
India surpassed Brazil to become the world’s largest sugar producer.
– Around 50 million farmers and millions of workers are involved in sugarcane farming.
India is the largest consumer of sugar globally.

Production of sugar cane in India:
Sugar cane is crucial for sugar production.
Sugar cane production has increased from 110 million tonnes in 1961 to 405 million tonnes in 2019.
– The area under sugar cane cultivation has increased from 2413 thousand hectares in 1961 to 5061 thousand hectares in 2019.
– Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra traditionally lead in sugar cane production.
– In 2019, Maharashtra’s production was affected by floods.

Products and by-products:
Sugarcane processing generates bagasse, molasses, and press mud.
– The Indian sugar industry utilizes these by-products to produce bioethanol, electricity, and other products.
– By-products play a crucial role in the sustainability and diversification of the industry.

– Indian Sugar Mills Association (ISMA).
– All India Sugar Trade Association (AISTA).
– National Sugar Institute (NSI).
– The Sugar Technologists Association of India (STAI).
– These organizations play key roles in research, regulation, and promotion of the sugar industry.

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– Wikimedia Commons has media related to Sugar industry in India.
– Various sources provide valuable information on the sugar industry, including production estimates and updates.
– These references offer a deeper understanding of the dynamics and developments within the sugar industry in India.

The first sugar mill in India was established in the year 1903 in Pratappur area of Deoria district.

Sugar cane cutting

Sugar has been produced in India since ancient times and then it spread to other parts of the world. Sugarcane is a native of tropical Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia. In India, sugarcane is planted thrice a year in October, March and July depending on part of the country. Most of the sugar production in India takes at local Cooperative Sugar mills. After gaining Independence, India made serious plans for overall industrial development of sugar industry.

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