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Squares (crisps)

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– **History**:
– Crisps have been around since at least the 1980s as Square Crisps.
– Advertisements featured comedian Lenny Henry with slogans like “more of a crunch than a crisp.”
PepsiCo acquired Walkers and Smiths in 1989, leading to Square Crisps being renamed to Square.
– Square remained under the Smiths brand until 2001 when it transitioned to the Walkers brand.
– The name was changed to Squares shortly afterward.

– **Design**:
– Squares packets have undergone several design changes over the years.
– 1980s design highlighted 25% lower fat content and a lighter shade of blue for salt and vinegar Squares.
– In the 1990s and early 2000s, a jagged border was added around the logo.
– Late 2000s saw another brief change in logo and design.
– 2010s introduced a new design similar to the current one, with different colors for flavors.

– **Overview**:
– Squares are produced in salt & vinegar, ready salted, and cheese & onion flavors.
– Multipacks are available, with salt & vinegar being the most popular flavor.
– Comedian Richard Osman humorously suggested Squares were invented to ensure children hurt the roofs of their mouths.

– **References**:
– Various sources like BFI, YouTube, and Retromash provide historical information on Smiths Square Crisps.
– Advertisements from the 1980s and 1990s showcase the evolution of Squares packaging.
– Walkers’ acquisition of Smiths and the transition of Square to Squares are documented in various references.

– **Miscellaneous**:
– Squares are considered one of the iconic British crisps.
– Walkers’ decision to maintain the original pack colors of Squares after the acquisition is highlighted in social media posts.
– Squares are part of Walkers’ snack range and are well-loved according to surveys.

Squares (crisps) (Wikipedia)

Squares formerly known as Square and Square Crisps are a British brand of square-shaped crisps made by Walkers, a subsidiary of PepsiCo. They were originally made by The Smith's Snackfood Company.

Product typeCrisp
CountryUnited Kingdom
Related brandsFrench Fries
MarketsUnited Kingdom
Previous ownersThe Smith's Snackfood Company
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