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Monster Munch

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**History and Evolution**:
– Smiths Monster Munch was launched in Britain in 1977 and renamed in 1978.
– Walkers took over the brand in 1995, changing shapes, ingredients, and reducing salt content.
– New monsters were introduced in the 90s with unique characteristics and favorite foods.
– Packaging changes, flavors, and mascot associations evolved over the years.
– Various limited-edition flavors and special Halloween variants were introduced.

**Flavor Innovations**:
– Introduction of new flavors like Beef Burger, Spaghetti Sauce, and Mega Monster Munch Webs.
– Monster Munch Pickled Onion was voted champion of the World Cup of Crisps in 2016.
– Launch of Monster Munch Giants in 2021 in Pickled Onion and Roast Beef flavors.
– Packaging updated in 2019 to reduce plastic use.
– Recreated Pickled Onion Monster Munch featured on Channel 4’s Snackmasters in 2019.

**International Variations**:
– Tayto in Ireland produced a spicy corn snack named Monster Munch, later renamed to Mighty Munch.
– Intersnack in France offers Monster Munch flavored potato chip snacks in various flavors.
– Eta in New Zealand produces Monster Munch with unique flavors like cheesy bacon and burger.
– Each country’s version differs in size, shape, and flavors from the original UK version.

**Marketing and Promotions**:
– Smiths Monster Munch was advertised as ‘The Biggest Snack Pennies Can Buy’ and had a Monster Munch Club.
– Walkers utilized posters and launched limited edition flavors to promote Monster Munch.
– Walkers initiated a search for Monster Munch puppets.
– Various sources provide insights into the history and marketing of Monster Munch.
– Walkers brought back the original Monster Munch in August 2008.

**Product Changes and Updates**:
– Walkers changed the base ingredients to 100% maize and redesigned the monster characters.
– Monster Munch shapes were replaced by a smaller paw shape.
– Flavors were introduced and changed over time, with special Halloween variants.
– Relaunch and changes in packaging, ingredients, and flavors occurred in 2007 and 2008.
– Walkers has continued to innovate with new flavors and limited-edition releases.

Monster Munch (Wikipedia)

Monster Munch are a British baked corn snack created by Smiths in 1977 and manufactured by Walkers. They are aimed at children and widely consumed in the United Kingdom. Flavours include Roast Beef, Pickled Onion and Sweet and Spicy Flamin' Hot.

Monster Munch pickled onion flavour

On the issue of whether the snacks are shaped like monster claws or individual monsters, Walkers said "whilst we think of them as monsters’ feet, we don't want that to stop people from coming up with their own imaginative ideas." Monster Munch is suitable for vegetarians.

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