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Ruffles (potato chips)

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– Sour cream & onion
– Cheddar & sour cream
– Cheese
– Barbecue
– Salt & vinegar

**Variants by Region:**
Canada: All-Dressed (ketchup, barbecue, salt & vinegar)
– Mexico: Jamón, buffalo salsa, chile con queso
– Brazil: Onion and parsley, yakisoba, stroganoff, honey mustard, pepperoni

**Similar Products:**
– McCoys (UK)
– Seabrook (UK)
– Chitato
– List of brand name snack foods

**Legal References:**
Frito-Lay, Inc. v. Bachman Co.
– History of Frito-Lay Company– FundingUniverse

**Related Brands and People:**
– Loft, Inc.
North American Van Lines
Wilson Sporting Goods
Yum! Brands
Caleb Bradham (founder)

Ruffles (known as Lays Maxx or Lays Max in some countries and Walkers Max, Walkers Max Double Crunch or Walkers Max Strong for the UK and Ireland markets, and Lays Ondas for Peru) is an American brand of crinkle-cut potato chips. The Frito Company acquired the rights to Ruffles brand potato chips in 1958 from its creator, Bernhardt Stahmer, who had adopted the trademark in 1948. Frito merged with H.W. Lay & Co. in 1961 to form Frito-Lay. In India, when this product was introduced in 1995, it was branded “Ruffles Lays”, though it would be renamed to Ruffles in the late 90s.[citation needed]

Opened bag of Ruffles All Dressed potato chips
Product typePotato chips
Produced byFrito-Lay
CountryUnited States
Introduced1948; 76 years ago (1948)
Previous ownersBernhardt Stahmer
TaglineRuffles have RRRidges.
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