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Pepsi Invaders – Wikipedia

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PEPSI formation visible at game start
– Modification of Space Invaders with tweaks
– Unlimited lives and 3-minute time limit
– Invaders move left and right if lowest row breached
– Graphic changes include P E P S I invaders and Pepsi logo UFO

– Commissioned by The Coca-Cola Company for executives
– Developed by Atari, Inc. as a modification of Space Invaders
– Designed by Christopher Omarzu due to developer leaving
– Delivered in black cartridge with no label
– Intended to boost morale but most cartridges discarded

– Considered an early advergame attacking a competitor
– Included in best product placement video games lists
– Criticized for lack of downward movement in letters
– Copies sold for up to US$1,825 on eBay
– Noted for mischievous marketing attempt

See also:
– Related to advertising in video games

– Mentioned in various publications and books
– Cartridge lacks label, box has Atari goes better with Coke sticker
– Noted for social impact through play
– Copies sold for high prices on eBay
– Criticisms and analyses from different sources

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