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**Gameplay and Features**:
– Main focus: socialize, mix music, and decorate interiors
– In-game currency: decibels
– Ways to earn decibels: votes, finding Coca-Colas, playing games, surveys
– Locations: San Francisco, Mexico, Goa, Tokyo, London
– Smaller games tied to Coke Studios: V-ego San, Uncover The Music, MyCoke Coaster, Recycler, Sports Challenge Quiz Game
– Additional features during CaveJam for Coke Studios
– CC Metro: online spin-off of There, sponsored by Coca-Cola
– Activities focused on music and entertainment in CC Metro
– Features in CC Metro: hoverboard skate park, theater, music mixer tool
– Use of My Coke Rewards points in CC Metro

**Sponsorships and Partnerships**:
– Sponsored films/shows: Shark Tale, American Idol, Batman Begins, FIFA
– In-game changes during sponsorships
– Sponsorship impact on avatars, rooms, and minigames
– Sponsorship by Coke Studios in various events
– Evolution of Coke Studios with digital partners
– Official shutdown and re-opening of the virtual world

**References and Development**:
– StudioCom: archived information
– Finnish Video Games book reference
– Sulake Corporation involvement
– Miscellaneous:
– MyCoke: Atlanta-based digital agency
– Version 2 release in 2004 on Galapagos platform
– Closure of MyCoke and transition to CC Metro
– Focus of MyCoke game: socializing, mixing music, decorating
– Use of decibels as in-game currency

**Archived Content and Reports**:
– Homepage: Archived on February 20, 2001, Retrieved on August 26, 2015
Coca-Cola Re-Launches Coke Studios at Virtual World: Archived on March 19, 2015, Retrieved on August 26, 2015
– Closing: Reported on August 26, 2015
– Jairovskaya Portfolio: Retrieved on August 26, 2015
– Pop Quiz: Retrieved on May 10, 2017
– FulaKi: Retrieved on August 26, 2015
– GamesThatWork: Retrieved on May 10, 2017
– Leigh Alexander (December 6, 2007). Coca-Cola, Team For CC Metro Online World: Retrieved on March 3, 2011

– Permanent Dead Link
– Gamasutra

MyCoke (Wikipedia)

MyCoke (formerly known as Coke Music and Coke Studios) was an online chat game used for marketing the Coca-Cola brand and products. It was created in January 2002 by VML Inc (Previously Studiocom) an Atlanta-based digital agency using core technology from Sulake Corporation, the company responsible for a similar popular online game called Habbo Hotel. Version 2 of the game was released in late 2004 on a new technology platform called Galapagos, created by Studiocom, and featuring new locations and a special double-reward 'Coca-Cola Red Room'.

Type of site
Available in1 language
Created byThe Coca-Cola Company
URLArchived official website at the Wayback Machine (archive index)
LaunchedJanuary 2002
Current statusInactive
Written inJava, Adobe Shockwave, Adobe Flash

On December 6, 2007 MyCoke closed, and encouraged users to join CC-Metro, which was part of There. There was closed on March 9, 2010.

The main focus of the game was to socialize, mix music, and decorate various interiors. The in-game currency was decibels, and was rewarded for doing various activities. There were various locations based on real-life cities where the user could perform music, such as San Francisco or Mexico. Coke Studios had sponsored several high-profile films and television shows, in which events and promotions would happen on the website or the client.

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