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**Hechsher Overview:**
– Forms of Hechsher display: commercial venues, media advertisements, certificates on packaging.
– Modern Hechsher features: holograms, seals for authenticity and prevention of forgery.
– Types of Hechsher: food products, non-food items in contact with food, religious accessories.
– Historical background: early kashrut seals, LMLK seals, clay stamps, certification of kosher meat.

**Certification Authorities:**
– Prominent certification agencies: Orthodox Union Kosher, KLBD, Star-K, OK Kosher Certification.
– Other recognized agencies: EarthKosher, Johannesburg Beth Din, Kashrut Authority.
– Kashrus Magazine publication on kosher supervision agencies.
– Over 1,400 agencies listed in the 2019 Kosher Supervision Guide.

**In Popular Culture:**
– Spelling bee incident involving the word ‘hechsher’.
– Details of the incident with contestant Saryn Hooks.
– Mention of Lucas Brown’s correction during the 2006 Scripps National Spelling Bee.

**Related Concepts and Terminology:**
– Chadash, civil laws regarding kashrut, kosher foods, kosher tax conspiracy theory, Magen Tzedek.
– Products without kosher certification requirements.

**Additional Resources and References:**
– External link to
– References to further reading materials: The Guide to Kashrut, Kosher Certification, The Laws of Kashrut, Encyclopedia of Jewish Food, Kosher Food Production.
– Related topics for further exploration: Halal certification, vegetarianism and religion, Jewish cuisine, Islamic and Christian dietary laws.

Hechsher (Wikipedia)

A hechsher or hekhsher (/hɛxʃər/; Hebrew: הֶכְשֵׁר [(h)eχˈʃeʁ] "prior approval"; plural: hechsherim) is a rabbinical product certification, qualifying items (usually foods) that conform to the requirements of Jewish religious law.

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