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File:1915 contour Coca-Cola contour bottle prototype.png

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– Image of Earl R. Dean’s 1915 Coca-Cola prototype bottle
– Created by Gavinmacqueen on 12 February 2011
– File size: 179,545 bytes
– Image dimensions: 214 pixels width, 527 pixels height
– Only two bottles of this prototype exist

– Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0
– Permission to copy, distribute, and modify under GNU Free Documentation License
– Trademark protection may apply
– Copyright status requires a normal copyright tag
– Users can choose their preferred license

File History:
– Click on date/time to view the file
– Current version uploaded on 12 February 2011 by Gavinmacqueen
– Dimensions: 214 × 527 pixels, file size 175 KB
– Description: Photograph of the 1915 Coca-Cola prototype bottle by Earl R. Dean
– Source: Gavinmacqueen

File Usage:
– Used on English Wikipedia pages related to Coca-Cola and historical markers
– Featured on United States anniversary portals
– Linked to Earl R. Dean’s page
– Associated with Indiana state historical markers in Vigo County

Global File Usage:
– Utilized on various language Wikipedia pages related to Coca-Cola
– References packaging and Coca-Cola company
– Appears on articles discussing Coca-Cola contour bottle
– Usage spans multiple countries and languages
– Widely used on international Wikipedia projects

– File may contain additional information from the digital source
– Details like resolution (28.35 dpc) provided
– Modifications to the file may impact displayed details
– Retrieved from the English Wikipedia file page

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